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We offer a wide range of products and services for you and your garden. Whether you want to re-landscape your garden or just add a few features we can help you create the best garden for your home.

Services we offer:

When it comes to making the garden look good, we do the landscaping, these are activities that we apply to modify the visible features in your garden, from the living plants to the plastic plants as well as ornaments in the garden.

When it comes to Garden Design, we can put a design together for you but of course you know what you want and its better for you to tell us what it is that will make you happy when it comes to garden design.

Water features are exquisite for peacefulness at home as well as a good decoration for the house, also they take time to build but are relaxing and soothing at the same time.

When it comes to hard landscaping we can turn any area into your desired garden using garden friendly equipment. Making sure your garden is always looking as good as it should be.

All Jungle Gyms are installed into the ground as a permanent structure.Our units are fully guaranteed for a year on all workmanship and our timber suppliers treat all our poles to the SABS standard.Our wooden structures are strong, safe and durable and weatherproofed against harsh South African weather conditions.All our units are fully modularised, which means that you can custom-build to the needs of your children.

Looking to tidy up your garden and make it look neat at all time, we do paving to your specs, also its easy to keep clean making sure your house and garden look good at all times.

Garden Care is essential as the plants and flowers also need to be cared for as well as looked after, when it comes to providing nutrients and the right amount of water and supplements for the flowers, we provide the best Garden Care for your garden.

We all want that memorable garden, well that only comes with good garden maintenance, we keep the garden looking spick and span, and always looking the way you want it, with our hard working team you can rely on us.

Kids love having fun in the sun and off course they need some water to go with that. This is where our fun Splash Pad comes in. Little to no maintenance, no risk of a child drowning. You can switch it on and off whenever you please. When not used for splashing it can serve as a water feature.

Jungle Gyms:

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